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Why We Hate WordPress — and Love It Too!

Posted by Mark on 05 04 2016. 0 Comments

This is the second part in my two part series on WordPress. You’ll find part one here.

I always tell people that I definitely have a love/hate relationship with WordPress.

Now, let’s talk about why we hate it.

For starters, it’s difficult for newbies to navigate. The whole page/post thing is confusing for people and a lot of time, blogging isn’t what people want… they just want a simple CMS.

Plugins can be handy, but you need to be careful. A lot of plugins may be poorly written, or simply out of date and never ever updated.

WordPress updates are critical to staying secure, but they will sometimes break plugin functionality or even your theme.

Since it’s so popular, hackers will routinely target wordpress because it’s super easy to detect, and easy to find installs that are out of date.

So, if you can’t stay on top of your updates, consider going with something static, or something more secure for your site.

So tell us, what CMS do you recommend for your clients?


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