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How to Build Your Own Website

Posted by Mark on 02 08 2016. 0 Comments

Building a website is no longer just for geeky IT experts. There are now countless online options for creating your own website, and most of them are very easy to use. You don’t even have to know how to code, manage servers/hosts and it no longer costs a fortune to get started online. In fact, in some cases, it can be totally free.

Do you have to learn HTML? If you know a bit of coding it can be a plus but it is not a necessity and it’s no longer necessary to know HTML or programming to get your business online. Creating a website by yourself has become possible due to the availability of online tools which can help you create your website with online publishing tools. These website building software are programmed in a way that you just need to click on your mouse and drag images, text, videos and a slideshow. You can insert your personally made videos, pictures and text, publish and you are done. However, you should note that these website creators are built differently and each has its weaknesses and strengths. Some are easy to navigate and some more challenging.

One of the most popular website platforms is WordPress. It can be programmed to do almost anything and is quite advanced. There are others, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. These include Weebly, Jimdo Squarespace, and Wix. Most of these website builders also provide free templates which you can use to make your website more appealing. Experts advise new businesses to use website builders instead of spending too much money hiring a freelancer to create one for them. There are even website builders for building an online store known as e-commerce website builder. The best one is Shopify. You also do not have to worry about domain name and hosting because these services will take care of that and give you ample time to worry about learning the ropes of website building, creating engaging content and managing the website.
In a nut shell, here are the steps you need to follow for creating a website:

  1. Select a domain name; choose a unique and memorable name for your company.
  2. Choose a web host; there are several factors to consider when deciding which web host to use.
  3. Design web pages; if you are proficient in coding, you can start designing your web pages from scratch. If you are not, choose a website builder that suits your needs.
  4. Incorporate a payment system
  5. Make your website visible; submit it to a search engine and promote it.

For the newbie, these steps may seem daunting. However, when you tackle them one step at a time, it’s not as difficult as it seems. Keep in mind that while you can build a site yourself, that doesn’t mean that you should. Your website needs to reflect your personality and the personality of your business.

Need help getting started? Reach out and let us know! We can help!

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