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New! Sports Management Website for Your Team or League!

Posted by Mark on 29 03 2017. 0 Comments

Amelia, OH (March 24, 2017) — Small Planet Online, LLC is proud to announce the launch of MySports.io. MySports is an interactive web app for managing your team, organization, or even entire league. This sector has seen tremendous growth over the past several years. Unfortunately, most of the team management platforms are geared towards organizations with large budgets, and small teams and organizations are often left without affordable options. MySports.io plans to change all of that.

Parents are demanding more from coaches and players than ever before, and during these hectic days, people are looking for ways to stay connected with their children’s league and ball clubs. Games and practice schedules change all the time, and of course the social aspect of baseball and other summer games can’t be overlooked. Interactive team and organizational management websites like MySports make communicating with your team and organization much easier.

“We have been creating interactive web apps since 1999” says Mark Hall, CFO of Small Planet Online. “What you’re seeing here is a shift back to small clubs and organizations, the types of Saturday morning ball leagues that we all grew up with. These clubs are looking for simple and affordable way to register players, collect payments, share their team rosters and schedules online; and MySports is created specifically for them”.

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Affordable Management System for your Team, Organization, League . Learn more at https://mysports.io

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